Cancellation / Refund Policy

  • In no case refund will be provided if the service is once availed by Citizen /merchant / beneficiary.
  • If Citizen /merchant / beneficiary apply for the Cancellation, there will be no refund provided.
  • The Beneficiary contribution once paid will not be refunded for applications which are successfully submitted for successful services.

Chargeback Policy

  • By Default all failure Transactions are automatically refunded as per the standard policy of respective payment gateway service provider. However for the same to reflect in your account it may take specific time as per the standard policy. Generally refunds will be reflected within a standard number of Days in Case of Net Banking/Debit Card Transaction & standard number of Days (Next Billing Cycle) for Credit Card Transactions. In case of excess payment, the amount will be settled as per the rules of the respective departmental services.
  • During the process of making payment by the citizen, by any chance amount is deducted and the same has not been credited to GMK&RTI’s account, will be automatically refunded by the payment gateway provider, on bringing the issue to the notice of Payment Gateway service provider.
  • If any chargeback is raised, GMK&RTI will provide proof of delivery by means of payment receipt. Chargeback claim should be made within 7 days of transaction. For any chargeback claim the service request/e-mail should contain following details:
    • Date of transaction
    • Amount of transaction
    • Merchant Order ID
    • Transaction ID or Reference number
    • Name of the applicant
    • Type of service rendered
  • Chargeback can result from a number of causes, including customer disputes, non-delivery of goods or services, processing errors, duplicate processing, inaccurate transaction information, paid by other means, fraud, etc.

Pricing of Products/Services

Pricing of Tools, Machines and Equipment provided on subsidized rate will be as per the latest tender floated by the GRIMCO or GMK&RTI.

Complaints and Resolution Process

Complaint or concerns with respect to services offered on the portal can be lodged through written communication to Director, Gujarat Matikam Kalakari and Rural Technology Institute. The complaint will be resolved as per the existing Complaints and Resolution Process of the Institute.

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